A Warning From the Past

A message from the center of the Mayan civilization that has now collapsed

At their peak, The Maya is one of the world community with dense population and has a dynamic culture. Recorded in history, the Maya culture is the only one known to have a written language of culture, art, architecture science, mathematics, and advanced astronomical system at that time. Mayans also an accomplished scientist.

The collapse of one of the world’s greatest civilizations has been a long debate for a long time, but more and more accurate evidence and records obtained from ice cores, tree rings, and some deep sea sediments, provide evidence for the occurrence of a long drought for many years in the region, and each led to the collapse of most of the population, until they are left unable to save themselves from the recent severe drought. With all the sophistication of the knowledge they have, the Mayans were unfortunately not able to see the destruction to come. However, we can see our destruction.

Policy Measures

The government should know that the commitment to emission cuts they have promised not enough, make the right decision in the agreement is structured, and decide how they will provide new money to help developing countries to act and adapt. They have agreed to open the cash to provide the money to stop the practice of deforestation in developing countries. They should close the gap in the forest and land use regulations that could increase emissions of industrial countries.

If they can do this in Cancun, we may begin to believe that the government has woke from sleep, to face the actual reality facing the planet Earth today. Mayans may not obtain or have the equipment needed to avoid the collapse of their civilization, but we who live in the 21st century have the luck, that we are capable and can see into the future and we can choose a different path.

This also means that the government will say no to coal, petroleum and support [R] evolution Energy.

Take an Action : spread the word and tell everyone that a future free of fossil fuels is necessary – and it’s possible.