Forest Destruction Causing Climate Change

Deforestation releases greenhouse gases (GHGs) in enormous quantities, contribute to dangerous climate change.

Tropical forests store carbon in soil and trees. Like a sponge / foam, tropical forests absorb carbon dioxide produced from burning fossil fuels as an energy source.

We need a forest with a large area to ‘reduce’ and the fight against climate change and preserving the Earth. But that happens we do the opposite. We destroying our Forests.
The destruction accounts for 20% of GHG emissions each year. And even more emissions produced from all over the world such as from cars, trucks, trains, ships and aircraft in 2004.

In Indonesia, peat swamp forests disappeared due to logging, drainage and the fuel for the expansion of palm oil. This gambu land (sometimes hinggakedalaman 12 meters) store carbon is very large. When they are in keringakn and the fuel will be a carbon bomb, releasing nearly two tonnes of carbon dioxide milliyar dangerous every year.