Global Climate Change is Approacing

Global climate change is a disaster that will come! We already know why – the people who continue to use fuels derived from fossil fuel such as coal, oil and gas.

We already know some of the consequences of global warming – the polar ice caps mencairnya, rising ocean temperatures, a prolonged drought, the spread of epidemic diseases, massive floods, coral bleaching and large storm waves. We also know who will be affected the most significant – of the coast, the island country, and of the less developed regions such as Southeast Asia.

Over the years we have continuously release karbondioksida into the atmosphere by using materials derived from fossil fuels like coal, natural gas and petroleum. This has resulted in the increasing natural blanket the world, which eventually lead to increasing world climate temperatures, and climate change are not predictable as well off. Greenpeace believes that only with the measures reducing greenhouse gas emissions that can prevent systematic and radical climate change could cause more severe damage to the ecosystem of the world and the people who live in it.

As an international scale global organization, Greenpeace is calling attention to the influence of both parties, namely the community and the danger behind the decision on the mining and use of fuels derived from fossils. As a regional organization, Greenpeace Southeast Asia concentrate on direct witness as a result of global climate change, and increasing public awareness about the ongoing problems. Greenpeace SEA also strives to empower change in use of energy policy in Southeast Asia in the future – the shift from dependence on fossil fuel resources towards renewable energy, clean and sustainable.

Climate and Energy Campaign Tactics is owned mengkonfrontasi challenges fueled industry that comes from fossil – particularly, generating electricity, coal combustion and nuclear-based energy producer – while, at the same time voicing and promoting solutions for the dependence of fuel consumption from fossils. For example, GreenpeaceSEA promote policies and projects that can produce cheap energy derived from wind and solar energy, and advocacy of alternative energy efficiency.