It’s Time to Green Electronics

Every year hundreds of thousands of old computers and cell phones are disposed of in landfills or incinerators. Thousands of e-waste products in Europe, USA, Japan, are also exported, often illegally, in Asia and Africa. In these countries workers, even very young, with his bare hands touching the waste, exposing themselves to a cocktail of toxic chemicals and poisons.

The current growth rate of technological waste will create a major crisis unless the producers do not engage in an appropriate manner. The production of products free of hazardous substances, durable, can be improved, recycled or disposed of in accuracy is possible. It would allow a consumer product end of life without endangering anyone. Not even for the poorest.

For years, Greenpeace pressure on high-tech companies to make their products more sustainable through the regular publication of the Eco-guide to green electronics. We were able to keep up the pressure towards this industry thanks to denounce cases of illegal export of waste technology to the developing countries.