Save Our Water Source

Water is one of the most important needs of life. Currently water is threatened. When the industry produces hazardous waste in the waste directly on the water resources of human life and the environment is threatened.

Earth consists of 70% water. All areas of human life in desperate need of water for agriculture, plantation, Industry, Livestock and anything on earth. Water sources are maintained is the key to our lives. The number of overflow water in Indonesia is very large but not necessarily guarantee the availability of clean water.

Industrial waste and household waste is not managed properly create water sources can not be used optimally.

Water Pollution Originating from Industrial Waste

Industrial waste is currently outside the control of that release harmful chemicals and greatly affect the precious water resources – causing long term damage to human health and the environment.

Industrial waste with hazardous chemical has been far from the control’s security. Industries often dispose of hazardous chemicals from the rest of the manufacturing production process, with no responsibility for their products who use chemicals are disposed of as hazardous waste without any management.

Many chemicals used at the time the goods produced have intrinsic hazardous properties. They used intentionally or unintentionally, but most of those chemicals are not derived from natural ingredients. Hazardous chemicals can not be managed with simple techniques or simply by ‘end-of-pipe’, including public wastewater treatment plants. And industrial waste is very harmful in a very long and far from the source where they throw it away. They can travel great distances and they can accumulate along the food chain, eventually will poison our food supply itself.