The End of The Nuclear Age

We need an energy system that can combat climate change, based on renewable energy and energy efficiency. Nuclear energy can only produce less energy than renewable energy and its distribution will decrease in the future.

Contrary to what the nuclear industry to us, they built many nuclear power plants in order to reduce greenhouse emissions and will require trillions of dollars, create thousands of tons of high level radioactive waste, contribute to the spread of nuclear weapons material to the outcome such as Chernobyl, the scale accident once every decade. Perhaps most significantly, it will spend the energy required for the solution to climate change is beneficial.

The nuclear age began in July 1945 when the United States tested their first nuclear bomb near, Alamogordo, New Mexico. A few years later in 1953, President Eisenhower launched the “atoms for peace” in the midst of a wave of optimism for the UN to atoms.

But as we know there is nothing “peaceful” about nuclear power. More than half a century after Eisenhower’s speech the planet is inherited nuclear waste. This heritage makes us recognize the truth of it.

Some things went slowly towards the right. In November 2000 the world recognize as nuclear power is dirty, dangerous and unnecessary technology, and does not provide greenhouse gas credits during the negotiations on climate change in Den hauque.

Nuclear powers to get a blow when the UN sustainable development conference refused to label sustainable technology in April 2001.

The risk of nuclear technology is real, inherent and do not last long!


Basically there are no nuclear reactors are completely safe. All operational reactors have the disadvantage on the basis of security that can not be eliminated simply by increasing the level of security. The remaining highly radioactive fuel requires constant cooling. If this fails there will be a catastrophic release of radiation. The reactor is also extremely vulnerable to acts of sabotage, including terrorist attacks.


At the time of mining, nuclear waste uranium has resulted in incredible scale. There is no way of storing nuclear waste is safe and risk free. No country in the world that have a high-level radioactive waste solutions which survive radiation up to hundreds of thousands of years. Currently the way it does is store the waste in above ground dry storage place at the site of origin, but even this option saves a lot of threats and challenges.

Duplication of Weapons:

Possession of nuclear weapons by the United States, Russia, France, Britain and China push perbayakan nuclear technology and materials. Every country that has the capability of nuclear power have a way to obtain nuclear material usable in nuclear weapons. This means that out of 44 countries that have nuclear power can be 44 countries that have nuclear weapons. Many countries with commercial nuclear power program is active, began their research with two objectives – electricity generation as well as open up opportunities for the development of nuclear weapons. Nuclear program based on plutonium re-processing of the remaining fuel has significantly increased the risk of propagation because of more plutonium, means more nuclear waste which akanmenjadi material available for making nuclear bombs.